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At Yankee Rockers, we provide high quality arrangements in College Festivals across the Country specially in Delhi NCR. The college festivals (By Yankee Rockers) are too vibrant, where highly energetic students toil to win appreciation for their talents. College festivals are the most effective way of bringing youth under the same platform, enhance social interaction and facilitate exchange of cultural ideas and thoughts. Although college festivals are an 'only students' zone, hard working students from every college, collaborate with their teachers and faculty members too in their efforts to make their college festival the best in the city.

Let's take a look at some of the upcoming and most popular college festivals organized in Delhi. These fests attract students like lecture and many other activities , from food to competitions to games, we have something for everyone. So here are some of the most attractive aspects of college festivals –

1. Celebrity Visits - College fests attract not just students but even celebs! Celebrity visits to colleges are undoubtedly one of the biggest crowd pullers. Colleges with rich alumni, huge grants and a big budget usually manage to have famous celebrities visit their campus. From actors to musicians to radio personalities, celebrity visits often have the crowds into a frenzy. When Honey Singh visited Ramjas College, there was almost a stampede in the crowd.

2. Night Events - Colleges have a big budget set aside for their respective fests. This means performances by some big bands, DJ Nights, late night events and more. This also means relaxation of strict curfew times that haunt girl’s hostels in a lot of cases. One of the biggest attractions of college fests are the dance nights and band performances by famous bands and groups.

3. Meet Friends from Other Colleges - College tends to get hectic. In between endless classes and extra curriculars, one often loses touch with one’s friends from other colleges. College fests are a time when every college relaxes attendance rules and suspends classes and there is a definite aura of excitement in the air.

4. XYZ Seconds Of GAMES - This probably tops the list titled ‘The Best Event at College Festivals’. The amount of time allotted to the performers differs from college to college. It usually ranges from 30 to 60 seconds. My college calls it 47 seconds to fame. The rules are simple- the performer or a group of performers have to go up onstage and do absolutely anything that the crowd and the judges like in the few seconds alloted.

5. Singing Competitions - If there is something that is even more fun than dance competitions, it is singing competitions. The teams from all colleges across the university participate in this and the result is a lot of fun, frolic and some very good singing. The standard categories for competition here are Indian group and individual, Western group and individual and instrumental.

6. Dance Competitions - One of the most popular competitions for college fests are dance competitions. The categories for this competition are usually Indian classical (individual and group) and western (individual and group). Besides these standard categories, college often have more sub categories like contemporary, hip hop, belly dancing etc.

7. Treasure Hunts - Most colleges have informal events along with the formal competitions like dancing and singing. One of the most fun events out of these is treasure hunting. Personally, I think treasure hunts are one of the best ways to enjoy during festivals. Most treasure hunts require you to participate in teams to two or more, capping at five. The span of the hunt is a part or whole of the campus area.

8. Scavenger Hunts - Scavenger hunts, like treasure hunts after them, are informal events that everybody can participate in. They are bucketloads of fun, with students running around the campus, begging, borrowing and stealing





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